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Rafael Mendiola

Software Developer

About Me

I'm a software development consultant with 15 years of startup experience. I've led development teams building highly engaging consumer products, ranging from web apps, iOS and Android apps, corporate classrooms and large public screens in Times Square.

I now help new companies be successful by improving engineering quality, focusing product goals, establishing an organizational rhythm, and helping founders foster a happy, productive culture.

I grew up in Miami and graduated from MIT with a degree in Computer Science. In my spare time I study to increase my Japanese fluency, I hack on on my personal apps, and I love to travel.

Client Work

A sampling of the kind of work I've done as a software consultant:

  • For a sports social media startup, kickstarted their mobile application and established code practices as they built their mobile team.
  • For a healthtech startup, took over a poorly-implemented React Native codebase, resolved crashes and experience bugs, and published the app App Store and Google Play Store. To tackle inconsistent UX, established a design system enforced with ESLint, ensuring a coherent user experience.
  • Advised startup leadership team on improving engineering quality, focusing on product goals that matter, establishing an organizational rhythm, and using innovation accounting to avoid wasted work.
  • At EverTrue, a university fundraising platform, built the Android version their alumni relationship mobile app, and trained their web developers on developing for mobile with React Native.
  • As a consultant for Lola Travel, assisted with their transition from a native iOS app to a React Native app, trained their developers on best practices, and created their Android build with iOS feature parity